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Elder Nektary of Optina tells us that each day has its special grace, and that we as Christians are meant to capture the grace of the day. The grace is given through the Gospel and Epistle assigned to the day (which we find in the Church calendar), the life of the saint (from the Synaxarion, or books of the lives of the saints for the whole year), and the Troparia and Kontakion of the day (which are hymns that summarize the special qualities and accomplishments of the saints).

Look at the Gospel and Epistle. These are our instructions for the day–the Lord’s commandments to His disciples and the Apostles echoing the way of the Lord. The life of the saint will also bless us with a certain depth of feeling for the practical application and embodying of the way of the Lord. We can’t do everything and read everything, but we can look to these direct instructions and try to capture the grace by pondering and doing what we can. We will see that the events of the day will require what we have read and heard.

As a person in battle or one “ready for the game” in sports has to be alert and exercise themselves, and fulfill their orders or game plan, so we should be alert and exercise ourselves and thereby catch the grace of the day given to us from the hand of the Lord through His Church.



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